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Child sex dolls the size of girls aged THREE available to
The ‘gap in the law’ arises because it is not illegal to possess a childlike sex doll. The Crown Prosecution Service has moved to address this. In June 2017, in the ‘first case of its kind in the UK’, a man was convicted of importing an indecent object.

Hundreds of child sex dolls seized at UK borders, sparking
are sex dolls legal in uk
We are a UK supplier of high quality adult sex dolls. All of our dolls come with skin heating systems and standing feet for the ultimate lifelike experience. We arange delivery direct with you to make sure that your doll arrives exactly when you expect it too.

The legality of a sex doll that is 100cm - Legal. Easier.
Adult sex dolls are not illegal in the UK, but child sex dolls are. The 32-year-old, from Langham, Essex, stood trial at Chelmsford Crown Court. Adams was acquitted by a jury at Chelmsford Crown

Man found not guilty of importing 3ft child sex doll found
Hundreds of child sex dolls have been seized at Britains borders before they can be used by paedophiles, prosecutors have revealed as they launch a crackdown. The …

Sex Dolls - Childlike | The Crown Prosecution Service
"They are clearly sex toys for paedophiles." The toys are listed on the site as "Full silicone sex doll child with tongue real Japanese anime sex dolls fabric robot queen sexy shop solid silicone love sex doll". There are currently no robust laws prohibiting the purchase and possession of such items in the UK.

Sex Dolls - Passion Dolls UK
As possession of a childlike sex doll is not unlawful per se in England and Wales, prosecutors should start from the position that, without more, a suspect may not know its importation is unlawful .

Child sex dolls and robots: exploring the legal challenges
Sex dolls made to look like 3-year-old girls are being sold online and theyre shipping to customers in the UK. The dolls, featured on AliExpress, are sold to buyers all around the world and it is legal in the UK. The lifelike child sex dolls were created to "stop paedophiles committing crimes." The height of the dolls is specified as being around 100-140cm tall, which is the average height range of three to nine-year-old …

The Obscure Law Governing Importation of a Childlike Sex
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