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Supporting services with web chat - Government as a Platform

First, create a bot using Azure Bot Service.Once the bot is created, you will need to obtain the bots Web Chat secret in Azure Portal. Then use the secret to generate a token and pass it to your Web Chat.. The following examples shows how to add a Web Chat control to a website.

Bots in Azure Government | Azure Government

Live Chat > Chats managed on your behalf. Self-screening Bot > An online symptom checker to reassure your customers and staff. More; Business Telephone Numbers > Give your business the phone number it deserves. Business Continuity Solutions > Call & live chat services to facilitate homeworking for large and small businesses. Virtual Office

Brent Council - Chat Bot Test Page

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Online chat bot, artificial intelligence, virtual companion

We learnt that several services have successfully adopted web chat using commercial software, and we don’t think building a centrally-run service (like GOV.UK Pay or GOV.UK Notify) makes sense. But there are opportunities for GDS to work with teams around government to create service patterns to speed up future implementations, and we’ll start to investigate this in an alpha.

Self-Screening Chat Bot | Moneypenny

gov uk chat bot
A bot is an automated application used to perform simple and repetitive tasks. Our aim was to improve public facing digital services and inspire people in those organisations to provide a better service for customers. What bots do. Most of us by now will be familiar with digital bots, perhaps without even realising it.

Finding new ways to use bot technology in the public

Online chatbot with open learning. You can correct the bot answers and add new variants. The learning results will be available to other users immediately after the knowledge base saving.

webchat - Government as a Platform

gov uk chat bot
Chat Bot Test Page. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean tristique nulla libero, at fermentum odio facilisis nec. In ut facilisis libero. Sed non lacinia mi. Quisque lacinia ut est ut convallis. Sed fermentum quis ex in pretium. Mauris consectetur rutrum nibh, sit amet pellentesque sem luctus quis.

Web Chat overview - Bot Service | Microsoft Docs

gov uk chat bot
Posted by: Ben Welby, Posted on: 10 March 2017 - Categories: Accessing GaaP Services, GOV.UK Notify, GOV.UK Pay, GOV.UK Platform as a Service, How Government as a Platform works, Service design, webchat



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