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List of 1980s UK Singles Chart Number Ones | List 1980s UK

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Number 1s Index -

list of number one singles uk Note that dates given on these Number 1 pages are for week ending NOTE: You can quickly find out the realtime Number 1 single / album on a specific date via our date engine. For a distinction between realtime and week ending Number 1s, please see the faqs.. You should also be aware of a few number one

UK No 1 Singles 1991 Totally Timelines

UK Number Ones in 2014 See all the 2014 Number One hits from the UK below and find out who had the longest running number one in the UK singles chart. Click on a Song Title to view full details of any song from the UK 2014 singles chart.

South African Number One Singles. - Rate Your Music

This lists shows the tally of Number One hits in the UK for artists. You can click on underlined artist names for a full list of their No 1 recordings. Tally: ARTIST: DATE SPAN: TIME SPAN: 21: Elvis Presley: 28 Jun 1957 - 5 Feb 2005: 47 years, 6 months: 17: Beatles: 18 Apr 1963 - …

The best-selling singles of all time on the Official UK Chart

Their first number one. 2 July 1971 6 weeks at number one. Their first number one. 50: 50. The Sweet Co-Co / Done Me Wrong Alright (1971) [Single] 13 August 1971 8 weeks at number one. The most yet ! Their second number one. Displaced another Sweet single at the top spot. 13 August 1971 8 weeks at number one. The most yet ! Their second number one.

The UK Number Ones : Most No 1s for Artists

A timeline of the number one (no 1) singles in the United Kingdom (UK) for the year 1991 showing date, artist and name of single

2014 Number Ones UK

list of number one singles uk Click to view DECADE your number 1 falls in:. 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s. Since 4th October 1987, the charts have run from Sunday to Saturday, so reference books or web sites which list Official UK Number 1s are likely to quote correct information.

List of number-one hits in the UK Singles Chart in 1962

list of number one singles uk Number 1 Singles - 1980s. Our main database does not give the precise date that a record reached the Number 1 spot. That situation is remedied here. The tables below list the running total of different number 1s, the date the track reached the peak, artist name, song title(s) and weeks at the summit. The dates given below are for week ending.

Number 1 Singles of the 1980s -

List Of 1980s UK Singles Chart Number Ones. The UK Singles Chart is the official record chart in the United Kingdom. Until 1983, it was compiled weekly by the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) on behalf of the British record industry with a two-week break each Christmas.

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